About Me

Nature is my teacher. I was born in the mountains of Romania, close to the forest, wild animals and birds, medicinal plants, close to the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the Sky.  As I grew up I learned that everything connects everything else. I learned from the wilderness. I was held and healed by the wilderness. I walk on Earth knowing that I am lovingly held by the power that created all. I bring forth into the seen world the teaching and the medicine of the Mountain, for deeper spiritual understanding and connection, for healing, for love.

My spiritual journey on this Earth led me to high mountains, wild waters, deep jungles, to cold and hot places, to be polished, to grow, to learn to live, to learn what love is. My journeys taught me to hold on to my vision and trust the process. 

For over 20 years I’ve been studying and practicing different spiritual paths, healing and learning. My approach when I work with people is very organic, intuitively guided by nature. I use simple and practical tools, some very well known, some known by very few. If you are coming with me on a journey, expect to enter a different time and space frame, expect transformation, expect healing, expect to be in awe for you might discover what’s underneath your whole life construction, the magic of life.

Email: claudiadamoc@gmail.com

Phone Number: +40721269590