This Life is Joy

If I choose to always grow,
maybe she’ll bloom like a wildflower.
If I make art of my everyday,
she too, will make her days full of colour.

If I let tears fall and always when they need,
maybe she’ll water the earth with an open heart.
If I’m clumsy, crazy, and all about her Dad,
beautiful, crazy love is what her heart will search for.
If I let him forever romance me in wake of day,
she will forever know no less.
If I say “I’m sorry”, even when it’s hard,
maybe she’ll be quick to forgive others.

If I choose to speak life in vibrant and rich colours,
beige words will never be taught.
If I leave pretty love notes handwritten on every wall,
affirmations will line the depth of her soul.
If I choose the uncomfy and forever shake up my ways,
maybe she too, will fight to live life bold and brave.

If I look in the mirror and speak kind and gentle words,
she too will forever know her worth.
If I fill our house with flowers, music and sweet loving scents,
maybe the silhouette of home will always be warmth.
If our front door is open to those who are in need,
she’ll learn the golden purpose of life.

If I tell her I love her, a million times a day, maybe just maybe, she’ll learn that even in my flaws, my lack and even in my mistakes – I gave her my entire heart.


(Excerpt from ‘my motherhood monologue’ by dream weaver @tessguinery)

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